About the Show

We embarked on this venture after our good friend Eamonn O’Loghlin sadly passed away suddenly and far too soon January 4th 2013. The plan at the very least is to keep this important alive for the community. Ceol Agus Craic is a great vehicle for the Irish to have their voice heard and spread the word on particular events that are happening in the community.

We have a vibrant Irish community in Canada and of course it is growing again with more young people arriving on our shores constantly. Part of what Ceol Agus Craic will do is to introduce the listeners to some of the new arrivals and allow them a few minutes to share their experience in Canada or promote themselves to our listenership.

We will play a wide variety of music (Ceol) on the show each week the majority of the time the music will have an Irish/Celtic spin or connection to it.

And what would the show be without a laugh (Craic) we intend to have lots of it. We enjoy the banter with each other and our guests. We intend to bring lots of guests on the show from here and in Ireland so make sure you listen in to hear the craic every Saturday morning at 10AM – 12.30PM www.mixlr.com/ceolaguscraic 

We will make all of our shows available online here as well as iTunes.

We wish to thank our sponsors without whom it would be very difficult to put on this show. Please visit our sponsors page and when you have the opportunity please give them your patronage.

Meet the men behind the lads.


Ken and Mark

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